The Walde, Fest & Partners Attorneys at Law Firm strives to supply complex services for its clients. On the basis of the principle „EVERYTHING IS ON THE SAME PLACE” we strive to supply also other services beyond the legal services with high quality for our clients thus the Client does not have to be in communication with several offices and administrators but he can get all the services claimed by him on the same place.


The modification of the Act V. of 2006. on the corporate transparency, the court registration procedure and liquidation introduced the seat service which makes it possible for the law firms, that on the basis of  a contract, the company  could name the law firm’s seat as his own seat in the articles of association and in the company register. On the basis of such a contract, our Law Firm ensures to receive and hand over the postal consignments arriving for the company, undertakes to protect separately the documents, permissions needed to the operation of the company, the reports for the tax authority and the report in accordance with the accounting act.


supply accounting service for our clients with the involvement of our accounting company. We render full service of accounting, including pay-roll services for domestic companies, provide full accounting services for domestic subsidiaries of foreign and off-shore companies, we keep in contact with the accountant of the parent companies. Furthermore we undertake to fulfill tasks regarding domestic and foreign private individuals’  tax declaration and providing reports to the tax authority.


Also on the basis of the principle “EVERYTHING ON THE SAME PLACE” we undertake to find credits appropriate to our clients’ needs, undertake to consult and cooperate in connection with the structure of the existing credits. We supply credit trade for companies and for private individuals covering the real estate credits as well as  the project financing.


We undertake to supply services in connection with real properties with the involvement of our associate office. Within this, we provide legal consulting for investments, real estate management and utilization, act as real estate agent, as well as,  we provide legal consulting pertaining to real properties.