The Walde, Fest & Partners Attorneys at Law Firm takes part in the foundation of companies (private limited company, limited liability company, limited partnership, general partnership) and Hungarian subsidiaries of foreigners, non-profit organizations (funds, associations, nonprofit companies), takes part in the preparation of confidential orders of business (management, supervisory board), in the preparation of documents regarding the transfer of business shares and securities, the fusion and demerger of companies, the buy out of enterprises (M&A), and further takes part in the legal audit of companies (Due Diligence).

Our Law Firm undertakes the representation of the companies and continuous legal consulting on the basis of permanent or ad hoc mandate in every field of the civil law.


With supplying complex legal services we assist the participants of the economic sphere from the strategic planning, or from the arising of legal problems to solution. We assist to solve all legal questions arising during the operation of the company or company group, starting from the foundation of company, through the preparation of domestic and international contracts, upto the representation in judicial and arbitration proceeding. For several clients the Law Firm acts as a “law department” covering all aspects of legal cases.


The Firm’s clients are mainly participants of the economic sphere, or such individuals, who require services of every field of civil law, such as conclusion of contracts, family and inheritance law, solving of legal disputes through peaceful compromise and legal proceeding. The following services are pertaining to this: legal counseling, preparation of contracts, preparation of wills, custodian services, representation of the clients in legal disputes, judicial, arbitration and official proceedings.


The colleauges of our Law Firm have obtained experiences in every field of the real property law during the legal practice, thus among other things sale, exchange and donation of dwellings, houses, condominiums, garages, garret-spaces, holiday parcel, agricultural real properties, arranging inheritance cases, foundation of condominiums, legal representation of condominiums, tract formation procedures, agreements about the buy out of real properties (purchase of  assets and companies, within this purchase of business shares and securities, liquidation and other auction buy outs, and furthermore the continuation of the judical practice regarding the abovementioned procedures, representation in the procedures concerning the duties, personal income tax and in other official matters.

Our activity covers the legal audit tasks in connection with the obtaining of real property, the preparation of real estate purchase agreement, lease agreement for offices and business premises,  preparation of investment and business agreements and providing opinion thereto.


Our Law Firm supplies legal counsulting for employers and employees in labour law questions, including the preparation and providing opinion to labour contracts, collective agreements and settlement of disputes regarding the termination of labor contracts (labour litigation), consulting regarding labour law between legal successor of companies, furthermore the authorization of the domestic employment for foreign employees.


In the last few years the law of the bank and financial services and the security law became one of the most prominent area of the Firm’s expertise. The bank law practice of the Law Firm covers a wide range of services. This includes sindicated and non sindicated credit transactions, project financing, the preparation of credit-, loan- and security form contracts of financial institutions, legal consulting regarding security transactions, and preparation of money laundering rules and regulations. Beyond the practical experiences obtained since the establishment of the Law Firm, dr. Zsolt Walde office manager supplies the theoretical background with his additional diploma obtained in bank law.


Our Law Firm undertakes the representation of companies and private presons in legal proceedings such as civil, administrative, economic, labor and family law actions and in proceedings in front of the court of arbitration.


The taxation is a question that touches everybody. Our Law Firm also provides services for companies and private individuals regarding domestic and international tax planning and tax optimalization. Our Law Firm helps to hold the company tax matters within the legal frames, helps to plan the optimal tax level. We cooperate with the domestic and international accountant and auditor of the company, but if it is needed we can also assure appropriate experts to fulfill the necessary work.

Our Law Firm takes part in the foundation of companies abroad in the surrounding countries and overseas  with the help of  partner offices. Furthermore we take part in the foundation and purchase of off-shore companies  worldwide.

The motto of our Law Firm: The using of the off-shore companies with economic purpose is not tax fraud, but the device of paying the optimal tax.